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Memorials in this section are for family and friends of people I knew personally. This is my way of honoring their memory, and for you to do the same.

List of Individuals

Memorials are available for the following individuals:


The memorials all share the following ground rules:

  1. The primary purpose of these memorials is to share uplifting messages and memories concerning the listed person.
  2. No dishonest, negative, derogatory, defamatory, mean-spirited, threatening, or hurtful messages will be accepted.
  3. Please do not reveal personal information about yourself or the listed person that could likely result in identity theft, impersonation, etc. If you have something of that nature that you would like to share with me, e-mail it to instead. Of course, e-mail is not very secure, either, but it’s a bit more private than posting to a public blog.
  4. You realize that messages posted to this blog are publicly viewable and are likely to be archived in some search engines for all eternity.

  5. You agree that all submissions are original and hereby non-exclusively licensed under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license.
  6. You acknowledge that all submissions are subject to review, editing, and deletion for any reason deemed appropriate by the blog owner (most likely for to remove information too personal in nature or for brevity).

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