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1,000 Arms dances

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I found the first of these videos on MySpace posted by Freddy Four Fingerz. I searched YouTube for a copy (YouTube embeds much better in my blog), and found it and a similar one.

Based on the original descriptions and comments, these videos are apparently a celebration of the Chinese(?) Buddhist(?) goddess Guanyin, who represents philanthropy in Buddhism. I don’t know what nationality the performers are, but the dancing is amazing and very beautiful. Enjoy!

#1. 24 hour TV 2007 – Senju Kannon submitted by mmedina.
“This is the show of the ‘Senju Kannon’: The 1000-hands goddess of Mercy.’ Very low volume.

#2. 《千手观音》在04雅典残奥会表演视频 by tysgjney.
After an initial orchestral piece, another group performs the 1,000 arms dance. I really can’t say much more about it, because I can’t read whatever language in which the description is written.

These dances are so beautiful. The number of hours of practice that must go into preparing for this dance is amazing. The costumes enhance the performances tremendously.

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