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28 Ways to Improve Your Workspace

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It’s actually 18 Ways to Stay Focused at Work and 10 tips for keeping your desk clean and tidy. The funny thing is that the two articles have opposing views about eating at your desk. One thinks its a great way to focus, and the other thinks it should be avoided due to the buildup of food related clutter and crumbs. Oddly, I agree with both. Hehe.

I don’t want to steal either blog’s thunder, but here are the top 10 items that I need to improve:

  1. Write out a daily task list and plan your day.
  2. Setup filters in your email.
  3. Do not check personal email in the morning.
  4. Clean up your desk.
  5. Limit time on MySpace, news sites, and blogs.
  6. Use a system to manage paper
  7. Trash those printouts
  8. Keep blank file folders and a label maker at your desk
  9. Ritualize your reviews
  10. Say no to swag

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