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“A Mass of Individuals”

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Purple and white globes of color
Deck the foliage green.
Fair are the flowers of the alyssum,
One of the fairest to be seen.

A mass of alyssum makes a beautiful blanket,
And the mass is made of many globes.
Each globe is made of tiny flowers;
Each flower is beautiful and whole.

When frost comes sweeping by,
Each flower must wither and die.
Seeds are left sleeping in the ground
To waken and burst into blossom next spring.

This world is made of many countries.
The countries have many cities.
Each city has many people;
Each person is different and whole.

All of the people put together,
Join to make a colorful blanket around the earth.
Each person must fade, but may leave a seed behind
To form another beautiful person.

Original work by Will Murray.
Ms. Owen’s English class, AGHS, 1986 or 1987.
Copyright (c) Will Murray. All Rights Reserved.
Redistribution permission granted to authorized RSS/Atom feeds.

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