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Apple turns 500 Million

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Isn’t it funny how you can just accidentally stumble across a piece of history in the making? I visited Apple’s home page and noticed a counter listing how many songs had been downloaded, and it was counting up to 500 million. The counter was at 499,996,000 give or take, but was climbing very rapidly.

Just a few minutes later, it reached 500 million at 2:48pm PDT. I expected something more, but the counter just stopped at “500,000,000+”. I clicked through to the information page and read about all the prizes that were being given away. “Cool!” I thought. Too bad I missed out on the prizes. But at least I saw the historic moment live. Yeah, I enjoy watching the odometer on my car turn historic numbers, too (though I usually seem to look away at the wrong moment).

I went back to the home page, and a giant graphic announced the news. I guess some poor web designer at Apple was working away on this lovely Sunday afternoon.

Thanks to Dunstan Orchard‘s link to Apple for sending me there. 🙂

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