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“Friend Like You”

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A friend like you is rare.
You’re the person I always hoped to meet,
But shyly, I stand and stare.
As you walk past unaware, I pray:
“I wish you were my friend.”

A friend like you is true.
How we became friends I’ll never know,
But, now we two are part of one.
You look at me and I at you; we say:
“I’m glad you are my friend.”

A friend like you cares.
Time has passed, our lives so busy,
The greatest gift is the time we share.
A little time apart but no despair; you call today:
“I didn’t want you to feel alone.”

A friend like you is everlasting.
Opportunities arise, and change disrupts the merry duo.
One last hurrah, then the dismal parting.
My heart now is hurting, but come what may:
“I’ll always be your friend!”

Original work by Will Murray.
September 25, 2006, Sacramento, CA.
A rewrite of “Friends Like You
Copyright (c) Will Murray. All Rights Reserved.
Redistribution permission granted to authorized RSS/Atom feeds.

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