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Microsoft: The Good, The Bad, and The Funny

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Xbox: Life Is Short – Play More

Microsoft reminds us that life is fleeting. So, rather than doing anything important with our lives, we should play more Xbox. Sounds good to me. 🙂

Xbox: Jump In #1

Some awesome rope jumping. With a bike? Wow!

Xbox: Jump In #2

Now this is what I call “Live Action Role-playing”. I love it! The guy in the taxi cracks me up.

Microsoft Is Coming

This rather disorganized, stream of consciousness discussion over a sushi lunch brings up some rather good points about Microsoft and its far-reaching powers over our computers.

Note: If you’re just interested in humorous videos, you can safely skip past this one.

Clippy the Office Paperclip

I couldn’t leave you on a down note, so here is a set of three great “clips” (sorry, couldn’t resist) on the demise of Clippy. And who do you think Microsoft got to voice one of the most annoying piece of software ever written? Gilbert Gottfried, of course! A parody about Clippy follows.

Part 1: Clippy Gets Clipped

Part 2: Clippy Goes Undercover

Part 3: Clippy Faces Facts

Parody: Attack of the Clippy

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