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Microsoft: The Good, The Bad, and The Funny

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20 (Mostly) Funny Videos By or About Microsoft

I should point out that I am not a Microsoft employee, but I work for a Microsoft partner. That means that I work for a company that sells and supports Microsoft products. My opinions, and the opinions of the videos displayed and/or linked to from this blog do not necessarily (and in most cases almost certainly don’t) represents Microsoft’s official views, or even my own (except what I wrote in the comments). Some of these videos are legitimate Microsoft ads, some are spoofs, some are ads or jokes that I have no idea how they got approved by the corporate bureaucracy ("It’s better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission" mentality?), and some are jokes and parodies that others have made. I hope you enjoy some or all of these. Please post comments about what you like. Just don’t turn this into a religious discussion about how evil or wonderful Microsoft and Bill Gates are, how much better or worse Mac or Linux are (or OS/2 or any other system), etc. As I tell my clients, "I have no religious convictions when it comes to computers. I just recommend that you use whatever works the best for your particular needs given your particular budget." Now, enjoy the lighter side of Microsoft. 🙂

Punish Your Microsoft Developer

About 6 months ago, I saw the following video at a Microsoft partner event. I’m still waiting for the WSYP to be offered to the partners. Gotta love it!

Windows Vista Speech “Wreck”ognition

We’ve all heard about Microsoft Windows Vista, the next and greatest version of Windows to come down the line (at least as far as Redmond, WA is concerned). It could be that all the problems with Vista has delayed WSYP. See what I mean in this Vista demo gone badly, as edited by the media.

Windows Vista Speech Recognition – The Whole Story

Obviously Microsoft was none too happy with the demo being released. Someone, claiming no affiliation with Microsoft, posted this unedited version of the complete demo showing that Vista does work much better than the earlier clip showed. It’s not as funny, but it is a fairer demonstration of the software. Some cool new GUI features, too (that Mac users have enjoyed for quite a while, apparently).

Note: If you’re just interested in humerous videos, you can safely skip past this one.

Sexy Office XP

And now for something sexier than voice recognition… Office XP? That’s sooo 2002 these days. But the video is still fun to watch.

The History of Bill Gates and Microsoft

Vista isn’t the only thing at Microsoft which has been plagued by bugs… as this humorously shows.

Microsoft History

For a more realistic, yet still very funny look at Microsoft’s history, check this one out. It features all the old favorites: BSoD, Pie in the Face, the CES slide show failure. The “narrator” is actually a Mac using text-to-speech.

Hang onto your mouse, because there are still several more fun videos to go…

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