Thanks for the birthday wishes!

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Thanks to everyone who posted comments on my social networking profiles wishing me a happy birthday. I love seeing the cute and/or rude things people have posted there. Thanks also to those who sent me private messages. Especially thanks to those who did both. It’s always nice to know that there are people out there who care. 🙂

Sorry I haven’t been around online much lately. Partly it’s been work, and partly its been my computer giving me fits. I was tired of how slow it was running, so I uninstalled a bunch of software I never use, and after that, the computer seemed to go into shock or something, and it became so slow and horrible to work on, I reformatted and reinstalled everything from scratch. That’s always a brutal process when you tweak your computer as much as I do, but it’s running very well now, and I’m being much more selective in what I reinstall. Housecleaning, whether it be your actual home or your virtual one, is a good thing. Anyway, now that I have a usable computer again, I should be around more often.

One weird side effect of the change is that GAIM (the new instant messenger I installed) crashes every time I try to add my MSN account to it. So, if you want to IM me, use my yahoo IM address.

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