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Video: Judson Laipply – The Evolution of Dance 2

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Judson Laipply is back with a follow-up to his earlier hit, The Evloution of Dance 2. Reviews on YouTube are generally positive (4.5 stars), but written comments frequently state that this version is not as good, funny, etc. I agree a bit, but I think it’s more that modern dance and dance music is not quite as enjoyable to watch as the stuff from earlier decades. Face it, it’s more fun to actually dance at a nightclub than to sit around watching most of the people dancing there. Right? So why blame Judson for less interesting dancing when he’s just showing us how boring we have become on the dance floor. It’s time to innovate again! It’s time for young dancers to invent the next Jive, Hustle, or Mashed Potato. Er… maybe not that one. 🙂

Here’s Judson in EOD2 on YouTube:

You can also go to for more information or a complete list of songs featured in the video. The video’s sponsor lets you upload your photo and dance alongside Judson.

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