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Video Art: Noah takes a photo of himself everyday for 6 years

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I really had not intended to post another blog entry showcasing more YouTube videos so soon after my last one, but I saw this and just had to share.

Noah Kalina, a photographer living and working in New York City, created this video by taking a photograph of his face, every day for six years. Then he put all the videos together, added some original piano music, and now we are treated to an amazing piece of art. Simply watching the video, it is difficult to sense the subtle changes in his face, much like we cannot see the changes in our own faces on a daily basis. But, if you look away for a while (or use the rewind and fast forward feature), you can easily see that more than just Noah’s hair and clothing changes. It’s art, but it’s also biology and sociology, all wrapped up in music. His website is overwhelmed with traffic right now. I guess that’s the price you pay for your 15-minutes of fame. That and 6 years of dedication to taking your photo each day.

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