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W is for Will

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Ten things that start with “W”

  1. Williamsburg – I was 2 years old when I was there. Apparently I cried my head off in a fancy restaurant, embarrassing my parents. Naturally, I don’t remember a thing. Really. 🙂

  2. Walks along the beach – I used to live near Pismo Beach. It was fun walking along the shore, watching the surf roll in and out, the surfers making the most of the waves, the shorebirds dunking their beaks into the sand looking for goodies, and the salty tang in the air. Kite flying there was fun, too.

  3. Wildlife – I’m a “save the rhino”, “save the otters”, “save the kittens” kind of guy.

  4. Waterslides – I’ve never been down one. Not out of fear or anything. It just never has happened. Though I have been:

  5. Waterskiing and
  6. Wakeboarding. The less said about those pathetic attempts, the better. 🙂

  7. Winnebago – Joey and I camped in his parents’ motorhome at a rocketry event once. Given the camping conditions, it was much nicer than tent camping there.

  8. Wal-Mart – I shop there too much. I know, it hurts the little guys, they are anti-union, and all the rest. But their prices are so low and everything is so convenient… I’ve been assimilated.

  9. WEST-Net – A network of computer bulletin boards (BBSes) that I started, along with Eli, Scott, and Travis. It grew to include several other BBSes, and Eli and Scott dropped out of it pretty quickly, but the name stuck for quite a while. It was based on FidoNet and RenegadeNet, if you know what those are/were.

  10. White Chocolate – Something I do not like nearly as much as I love dark chocolate. It’s gotta have at least 60% cocoa, but 80%+ is even better. On top of that, it’s even good for you as long as you don’t go overboard.

Ok. Now it’s your turn. Write 10 things that start with the first initial of your name.

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