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Terms of Use

Permission to access this site and its materials is granted only to visitors who act as caring guests visiting a friend’s or family member’s home. In other words, only people who treat me and this site with respect, dignity, and tolerance are permitted to access this site and use its material. Anyone who wishes to cause mischief (including spamming), vandalism (including any action that harms the site or degrades the performance of the site), violence (attacking me or any of my guests), or negative feelings (fear, hatred, intolerance, etc.) is forbidden from accessing this site or redistributing its materials under any license. While such people are likely never to read this, or ignore it if they do read it, such negative behavior will be considered a violation of the Terms of Use of this site, and may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

To put a positive spin on this, friendly people acting kindly and responsibly are warmly welcomed!

By visiting, accessing, or otherwise using this site, your agreement to these terms is implied. If you do not agree, then leave and do not use the content of this site in any manner. Thank you.

Licensing of content

The following permissions only apply to my original works (that is, things that I created from scratch) that I post to this blog. It does not, for example, include any videos, image, icons, quotations, or articles written, photographed, designed, or otherwise created by others or displayed inline from other sites. All such non-original works should be clearly identified with the original source; if I missed one, please let me know so I can fix it.


Creative Commons License
You may use and redistributed the text of Will Murray’s Furth and Fortune blog (except for non-original works as noted above) under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License, so long as you do not use it out of context or in any other manner that is disparaging, insulting, defamatory, or contrary to my stated opinions. For example, if I write a satirical piece in which I make facetious statements, you may not quote such statements out of context so that I appear to support the opposing view. Similarly, Twitter comments sometimes can take on an entirely different meaning or tone when quoted outside of the larger conversation; reuse of such material in a way that could mislead others as to my original meaning and intent is not permitted.


Generally, all original photographs, clip art, backgrounds, decorations, and other images are copyrighted with all rights reserved, except that you may access, view, and store the images for your own personal information and, hopefully, enjoyment; redistribution of the images is not permitted.

Photographs of me and other images of my likeness are copyright and may not be used without explicit written permission.

Several of my images are offered under free licenses and/or various Creative Commons licenses. You can find them under my Flickr account, at Wikimedia Commons, and the Open Clip Art Library (which is mostly a subset of stuff uploaded to the Commons).


Videos and other multimedia appearing on this site are generally not my works; I link to their original source using the tools provided by YouTube, MySpace, etc. I always try to give proper attribution to the source. Anything that is my original work would probably be licensed in the same manner as my images. That is, the works available here would be fully copyrighted, but I might make them available under a different license at a different site. Check the source page for more details.


My default profile image (see my contact page for an example) and my alias, Willscrlt, are trademarks representing the Will Murray brand.

Licensing of comments and any other material submitted by visitors

If you submit content to this blog, you warrant that everything you submit is your own original work. Additionally, you state that you have the authority to license and do, in fact, agree to license submitted content under a “Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License” (CC-BY-SA-3.0-US) as well as any other more restrictive license terms or agreements under which the main content of this blog is licensed (see the rest of this page and the footer for those details). While non-exclusive (you or anyone else may reuse the content elsewhere), your agreement is irrevocable. It does not prevent you from licensing your work to others under other terms, either more restrictively or less.

Without all the legal-eze mumbo jumbo, what that means is you agree to share your comments with this me as long as I (or anyone else who uses it) gives you credit for your work. Additionally, if the license agreement used for the whole blog is a more restrictive one (reserving you more rights than CC-BY-SA offers), you agree that that is okay, too. As stated on the Creative Commons website, these licenses are permanent; once licensed, you can’t change your mind later. However, you may choose to license your work under additional licenses that are more restrictive or less if you want to do that.

I’m not a lawyer, but if you still have questions about this, please leave a comment below, and I will try to answer it for you. (And yes, any comment asking about these terms would be subject to these terms… sort of a “chicken or the egg” sort of situation. Sorry about that.)

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