You're curious, aren't you?

That's a good thing! I'm a curious and creative person, too. You probably came here wanting to learn a little more about me. I'll be happy to help fill you in. But first, I wonder how you discovered my Website?

Mixed and multi-media artist

 Did you see one of my drawings, photographs, or videos posted somewhere? My gallery has many you probably haven't seen. I have many more images that I still need to upload.

Software developer

 Maybe you came across some software I wrote? I started programming in BASIC many years ago. I also learned Pascal and Perl along the way, but I haven't used either in ages. I still use a bit of Visual Basic, VBA, and DOS and Linux shell scripting. When it comes to Web applications, my GOTO languages are PHP, HTML5 ( and all the earlier versions), JavaScript, and MySQL. I taught myself to program in all of those languages, mostly using books, help files, and Internet tutorials. I am working on a minor in Computer Science, so I've also been learning college-level algorithm design, C and C++, SQL for Oracle, and, in fall 2013, I will be studying data structures and possibly Java. There are many more classes to go.

Designer & information technologist

 My major is design. I started doing graphic design work professionally about 25 years ago. I mostly moved from that into information technology, where I earn my Microsoft Certified System Engineer and several other I.T. certifications. Still the graphic and Web design was a recurring and enjoyable part of my work. What I really want to do is combine my eye and passion for design with my skills and love for computers in a creative and collaborative way. I can easily see myself working behind the scenes on a gripping feature film or at a theme park, developing an exciting and thrilling visitor experience. Perhaps, I will work for an Internet company—either a forward-thinking top-tier Internet giant, or maybe a lean and dynamic startup—helping to design the user interfaces; help the graphic artists, programmers, and focus group users communicate effectively; or maybe develop part of the "next big thing" that hasn't even been imagined yet.


 That's not all I enjoy, though. My father imagined an amazing and well-developed science-fiction world for a series of books he was unable to finish writing before he passed away. It turns out that I inherited some writing ability, too, and I am working on bringing his world to market. The Worlds of Dave W. Murray will be a collection of series that take place both on our planet and in his imaginary world. I have been busy editing some of his unfinished works, and I've started writing an original story—one of several that will enrich his worlds with exciting new possibilities. In addition to science fiction, I have written texts, developed course materials, and done some technical writing and documentation work. I also proofread and edit for another author who has written several New York Times bestsellers.

Social networker

 To keep everything flowing smoothly in my life, and to keep in touch with my real-life and online friends and family, I am also highly adept at social networking. I started online with dial-up computer bulletin board services (BBS) in 1987, and I was a charter member of America Online. I was an early Internet adopter—using it heavily before the World Wide Web went graphical. At one time, I had designed a Website that was ranked in the Top 5% of the Web (back when the Web was small enough to figure that sort of thing out). I've been a beta tester for many startup sites (and application software, too). I have taught people, from second graders to senior citizens, how to use computers—in formal classroom settings, in small groups, and as a one-on-one coach.

College student

 As I alluded to earlier, I have returned to college full-time at American River College. My short-term goal is to complete my second Associate's degree, this time in Computer Science, and also to complete the prerequisites for my major and minor. Once they are finished, I will transfer to a four-year university to complete my Bachelor's degree in Design (focusing on graphics and new media) with a minor in Computer Science. After that, I would like to continue working to earn a Master's degree, but if the right job opportunity comes along, I may jump on it. I am a member of the statewide Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) program, and I was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (ΦΘΚ) in 2012. I also take classes at two other colleges in the district, Sacramento City College and Folsom Lake College.

Modern Renaissance man with a "can-do" attitude

 Well, there you have it. That's a thumbnail sketch of my life at this point in time. Are you still curious to know more about me? Ok. You can follow any of the links on this page to learn more about that topic. I have an "About Me" page that lists some of my favorites (music, movies, books, TV shows, etc.). You also could read my blog (that I rarely have time to update—sorry) for a more personal glimpse into my thoughts. Finally, if you promise not to spam me, you can take a peek at my contact information.