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Messages for and memories of Dave W. Murray

A photograph of Dave smiling
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If you would like to leave a message about Dave or for the family, please visit his new memorial page:

This page was created while my father was still alive and struggling to recover from a stroke following heart surgery. The memories and messages of hope shared by the visitors below are precious to me, so I am keeping this page for posterity.

For those who commented, thank you for sharing! The comments below are now closed. New comments will be moved to the memorial page.

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4 thoughts on “Messages for and memories of Dave W. Murray”

  1. Good Morning Dave!!
    I have been re-reading all of our messages to each other so that I could see where we left off. We seemed to talk alot about family so I thought I would start there!!
    As you know, Stan and I were married March<!– 30,–> 1990 in Grover City Park in the the gazebo. It seems so long ago, but not. We are still "hanging in there" with rough days and wonderful days. I don't think I would change a thing!!!
    Stan took a week of vacation last week. It was wonderful to have him home every day!! We went camping for 4 days. The first night with 4 of the kids plus one "extra" then 3 kids then Stanley came home from college and there were 7 kids camping. What a wonderful wonderful time. I remember what you told me about enjoying the times and I sure did!!!
    Our oldest daughter Nikkie (the one we adopted) earned her GED about 5 months ago. We got to watch her walk across stage this past Saturday in her cap and gown!! What an amazing day for her!! The goofy girl wore 3 inch heels (duh) so of course she fell as she got to the the woman with her diploma, lol. Stan and I took our three oldest out to lunch afterward and then grabbed all the grandkids and came home to swim and have dinner together!!
    Poor Stan had to go back to work yesterday so the kids and I are "on our own" again.
    When you were my teacher you taught me soooo many things. As we grow older we realize how much we didn't pay attention and wish that we would have. I do believe you are the teacher that taught me the word procrastination though, hehehe. I love that you are still teaching me new things and reminding me what is important in life. You are the one that taught me that teachers could be patient and kind. You are the one that made me feel that I could do anything I wanted if I just paid attention and reached for it. I did do what I dreamed with my life. I have a great husband, 6 wonderful children and lots of grandchildren surrounding me. I try to be patient and kind with them like you were with me. I went back to college when I was 30 and completed my associates degree…. I am amazed at myself, lol!!!
    Well… speaking of children it is time to start waking them for their school day.
    Take care of yourself and get well soon!!! You are in my prayers daily and without ceasing!!
    I love you,

  2. Good Morning Dave…..

    Just wanted you to know that your son is pretty awesome!! Before your surgery I asked that you please make sure that I am kept up to date on your recovery. Will has done that and has far exceeded what I had hoped for. So that tells me not only were you a GREAT teacher but a GREAT father as well.

    John had his first T-ball game of the season last night. It is soooo cute to watch. Some of them are quite good, others have no idea which way to run or to put the bat down after they bat. Today is a slow quiet day! well i am hoping for some quiet anyway, lol. The little boys are almost finished with the school year. This is John's last week and next week is Taylors.

    I know that you must be so frustrated with having a stroke after surgery, but I want to remind you…… This has happened before. You can overcome it. You can and will get better. After your eye surgery you were frustrated and aggravated because you felt that it was not healing quick enough. Now you have 20/20 vision again. Your heart has been fixed and is healing. Your body has been through a lot. Remember….. God is holding you in his hands. He is protecting and healing you. Please give Him time to do his job. He made us complicated and things have to time to overcome the trauma of surgery. My prayers for you today are for patience. You will heal. Try to choose one thing you want to work on and concentrate on that one thing, help our God to heal that thing. You can do this. You are a strong man. Lean on Jesus. Remember my friend that there are hundreds if not thousands of prayers for you each day, minute and hour.

    I love you,


  3. Heather Holliday

    Dear Dave,

    I am so happy you found me on facebook. My older sister was your 5th grade student in the 70's and I remember her coming home with cherished washers. I vowed that I wanted such a fun teacher as you from her praises. When I reached 5th grade and did not get assigned to you, I tried to switch to your class but was denied. I cried. I was sad. Now all of these years later we have become friends as adults and you have encouraged me through this process of Nursing School and your friendship is very dear to me. You shared with me your story of going through the first stroke you had and the battle to get back to good health. It was a long journey… but you DID IT.

    You are on another long journey, but do NOT lose hope. You have no idea how many people are sending you love and light and healing in prayers EVERY DAY through this because of the Internet and because of your son, Will. People who have never met you are praying daily and some are letting me know. I am also sending healing prayers to you and your family daily. We pray for all of you to get through this one day, one hour, or one moment at a time… whatever it takes. You are not a quitter nor are you a weak minded person. You are a strong man and can get through anything given to you. You are bigger than a stroke. Even when it doesn't feel like it sometimes. You know it's not an easy path, but it's one you can negotiate. Focus on love and light and healing. Feel the love from your wife and your son daily… and try to feel all of the extra love that your friends, loved ones, and students are also sending daily. Let it strengthen you. Let it hold you when you are weak. We all have FAITH. Faith in God and Faith in YOU. I look forward to updates of progress from Will. We are all trying to also be strong for him and Marlene too, so they can be strong for you. Your family is wrapped in God's love. Feel it and find strength and tenacity in it. You are like me… you do NOT give up or give in. Dig deep and know that God doesn't give us more than we can bear.


    Heather Holliday

  4. Dave,

    I have only fond memories of Grover Heights Elementary. I attended during my 5th and 6th grade years. I was fortunate to have you as my 5th grade teacher, and Ms. Heiney for 6th grade.

    As I look back at those years, I have to laugh. We were good kids, but BOY could we get in trouble. Some of my VERY best friends, still to this day, went to school with me. Leaette Burton, Christy Harden, Marty Schulz Grace Deguzman, Heather Holliday, Robert Oliver ( my Hubby), Stephanie Steeber, Karen Randall, Jennifer Bancale, Rick Acosta, Clarence Cabreros, Joni, Dori, Sharla, Jamie, Sara, LaMar, Amber, Rhonda, Chad, Cheryl, Dana.. oh my.. I could go on and on and on. I am sure I missed another 15 or so !! What an amazing time.

    I remember those days on the playground, playing Teather Ball and Kick ball. You and Mr. Lucero would stand out there, and joke with us kids. Sometimes yell at us ( always well deserved).. I really looked up to you, and soaked in ALL your advice.

    Some 30 years later, you are still the same man I remember. Kind hearted, Intelligent and wise. I still listen to your advice! You and I have had many conversations over the past year. About kids, life, travel, politics, adventures.

    I am so proud to be your former student. I am even more proud, to call you My Friend…

    Get well My Friend. You are loved and cherished and in my daily thoughts. Thank you Will, for keeping us updated, and providing so many details.

    May God Bless the Murray family. You are all in my prayers.

    Love Krista ( Shanks) Oliver <3

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