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A little Irish pride taking on Scoble and Calacanis on Twitter

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If you follow the IT blogosphere or Twitter, the names Robert Scoble (aka “Scobleizer“) and Jason Calacanis (” JasonCalacanis“) are probably very familiar to you. These guys are some of the most visible and most followed personalities of the information technology pundits.

Another name in the field wants a bit more exposure. I suppose you could say that Scoble and Calacanis have gotten Paul Walsh‘s Irish up. Walsh is an Irish “serial entrepreneur”, and he’s decided to create a little buzz (or maybe a lot) on Twitter by giving away a Mac Air computer. Details are still being determined as to how exactly the winner will be determined, but to participate, you have to follow wubud on Twitter (that means you have to subscribe to his updates). “Wubud” is part of the buzz, and Walsh isn’t telling us exactly that it is yet.

It sounds like fun, and I will be keeping my eyes on this experiment.

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