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Quiz results: What American accent do I have?

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When I traveled to Boston, Tupelo, Orlando, Atlanta, Columbus, and Grand Rapids, the locals I talked to said I didn’t have an accent, or at least not much of one. I heard their accents clearly, though. I always wondered why that was, and I attributed it to the fact that I’m a California native, and a lot of the television shows and movies are made here. As a result, people elsewhere probably hear California accents much more frequently than I hear their accents.

I took the “What American accent do you have?” quiz, and it said I have a “Western Accent” (go figure). It also says that it’s pretty much a neutral accent. I’m not sure exactly how an accent can be neutral, but it does seem to match my experiences when traveling.

What American accent do you have? (Best version so far)Western

Western is kind of neutral, but not quite since it’s still possible to tell where you`re from. So you might not actually be from the West (but you probably are). If you really want to sound “neutral,” learn how to say “stock” and “stalk” differently.

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