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Save the Myrtle Beach Pavillion – Sign the Petition

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RollercoasterThe Myrtle Beach Pavilion will close Sept. 24 taking with it a symbol of the beach for generations of vacationers. Developers plan to replace the landmark with high-end condos, hotel towers, etc.

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On September 24th the owners of this 11 acre amusement park will cease operations and soon after start tearing the place down to make room for pricey condos, expensive hotel towers, fancy restaurants, and other prime establishments.

The working class families that have vacationed on this prime piece of Myrtle Beach oceanfront property will be left with nothing to replace it. Sure, there’s a trendier place downtown opening soon that would be competing with the Pavilion, but how could it compare to a beautiful boardwalk-style park on prime beachfront real estate.

Just like other parks like this, the rides, the food, and the games are only part of the attraction. It’s also the access to the beaches that the public will be losing. North Carolina is selling off so much of its oceanfront, that this Atlantic seaboard state is soon going to be a seaboard state only for the lucky few who could afford to buy an overpriced condo with a view. No trespassing signs are not the legacy I would like to leave for future generations.

Pavilion EntranceWant to see some pictures of this great attraction?

The body of the petition at

Note: This petition is for everyone, not just tourists who visit the Grand Strand, but also residents and anyone else who feels that something needs to be done to save the Pavilion. 3/25/06 NOTICE: INAPPROPRIATE SIGNATURES WILL BE REMOVED. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN THE PETITION IF YOU ARE FOR THE PAVILION BEING SHUT DOWN AND RAZED. ALSO, DO NOT SIGN THE PETITION IF YOU ARE GOING TO PUT INAPPROPRIATE COMMENTS IN YOUR MESSAGE.

To: Burroughs & Chapin

We the many generations of tourists who have attended the Myrtle Beach Pavilion for many many years demand Burroughs & Chapin to not shut down the Myrtle Beach Pavilion. If shutting down the Pavilion can be proved to be inevitable, it should be done so with the following in mind:

1.) The original Pavilion building should be preserved for history sake and/or incorporated into the new development.

2.) The rides (especially the Carousel and musical organ) should be placed in places such as Broadway at the Beach or re-used in the new development.

3.) Rides should be considered being sold to the Hard Rock theme park or other local amusement parks including Family Kingdom.

4.) Extensive video and photographic footage of the are should be taken and preserved as part of a museum for the Myrtle Beach Pavilion and/or rides too.

We understand that things must change in order for Myrtle Beach to progress into the future, but we feel that closing down the Myrtle Beach Pavilion will be a huge mistake. All efforts should be made to keep it open for as long as possible and include efforts to preserve what can be preserved for future generations.

The Undersigned

Sign the petition yourself at

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